What do we do

PLANET F&T markets and distributes mainly frozen seafood products.


The item marketed by PLANET F&T follows the criteria set by the standards of the European Community and the Italian Ministry of Health. PLANET F&T buys exclusively in companies organized and able to follow those regulations, which guarantee the quality of the products marketed and thus the traceability of all its supply chain.


  • Direct distribution by its stores
  • Direct sale to the final consumer, by its stores
  • Direct sale to the final consumer, by e-commerce
  • Business-Online Trading


Planet Fish & Trading is aimed at markets with new energy and a spirit of innovation, while respecting the traditions and history. In a highly competitive industry PLANET F&T arises singular objective to bring to all the fruits of national and international seas.
The distribution channels PLANET F&T are:

  • Retail (G.D.O)
  • Fishing industry
  • Business
  • Food
  • Hotel
  • Fishmongers


In a subsequent period of stagnation and then the recession of world markets Italy has not escaped unscathed, can not be overlooked actions that hit the sales price. The cost-cutting actions, including through the reduction of the cost of money, have indeed proved to be appreciated by bringing greater confidence. PLANET F&T can not escape from such measures to contain prices, eliminating intermediary costs and buying directly from the source in the world fish markets. PLANET F&T focuses on the quality of the product to more than competitive prices for frozen products, to guarantee freshness and shelf life.